Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Play Kitchen or french toast with shaker cheese!!!!

Growing up my favorite thing that my brother and I played with together was a refurbished play kitchen my grandfather had built out of an old entertainment stand. He used a Pink hospital "puke" basin for the sink in the kitchen and it had simple doors for the fridge. Nothing fancy just simple and it lasted for ever! However being in the military and moving a lot my parents decided to give it away during one of our moves after us kids out grew it...Understandably however  I still miss it.

Several months back I noticed on pinterest an old T.V. stand that was turned into a play kitchen and instantly I knew I had to build one for my kids.

I found two blogs both with kitchens that I love!!!!! Both blogs have picture tutorials as well.
Giggleberry creations and Freshcutflours

I already had lots of white paint so I decided in an attempt to keep it cheap I would paint it white...however I am in LOVE with Fresh cut flowers red version!!!!

I started with an old TV stand made out of oak
I added Some doors..reused the old hinges and moved the
wall over for the fridge and Oven. Cutting out the sink was fun...
I found I can not cut a circle that well lol

Some Paint decorations and done!!! I plan to add more accessories to
 it later I want to add a dry erase board to the fridge and a few other things!

My Master Of Disaster making me french toast with shaker
 cheese lol YUMMY!!!

Over all it took a couple days only a few bucks and my kids play with it EVERY DAY!!!
Time well spent!!!! 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Handmade over Walmart!

In a couple weeks my little boy will be three!

I know this not only because I gave birth to him, but because every day for the past couple of weeks he wakes up, goes to the calendar and counts down until he gets his monster truck birthday cake. (this is very important to him!)

So for the past couple of days I have been working various ideas for handmade gifts for him and I ran past a very interesting blog post about what is cheaper...buying vs making toys. Check out the post here---> Whileshenaps Also while you are there please check out her handmade patterns for toys! LOVE THEM!

I understand that buying toys can be really cheaply done with stores like walmart and dollar stores etc... However there is something magical about receiving and making a handmade gift! It’s something that the recipient will know you put thought and time into... and time anymore... is priceless...(you can’t buy time at me I have tried)....

So as I go back to looking for cute patterns I think we all should stand outside of walmart with handmade gifts and stop people from making a horrible shopping mistake by going in :)

A couple Cute Patern Ideas I'm in Love with at the moment!!

We have been reading The Hungray caterpillar alot lately.
 My lil guy is very interested in how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly!

A stuffed superhero! Need I say more!
How handsome would ANY lil boy be in this hat!!!!!!