Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tips For Mums!!!

I've noticed some interesting and wonderful tips for mums and dad's on the internet and wanted to share some with my readers!

This Idea I’m in love with! How simple! Why are we not all doing this??? So simple just add a curtain rod on the opposite side of the shower... Add shower rings to hold little containers and *Poof* instant shower organization!!

Source: via Janna on Pinterest
This works! I have used it several times for my lil ones and it makes giving any medicine so much easier! Stores have nuk's that hold medicine but they really dont work that great. They are very firm and most lil ones have a hard time sucking on them...I find this works soooo much easier!!!
Source: via Janna on Pinterest

I always disliked the idea of leaving my tooth brush in a cup on the counter. This solves that...pretty simple perfect organization!!
Source: via Janna on Pinterest

Monday, July 2, 2012


Found a very adorable site I'd like to share with all the mum's n dad's :D
its KiwiCrate.com

Basically for 19.95 a month they send your child a charming green box each month filled with fun theme inspired projects directed at children 3-7 years old! They even have a sibling package for a little more. At first...since I'm a mom on a budget I thought ugh 20 bucks a month.... NO WAY...

However after giving it a little thought 20 bucks a month for a package to come in the mail that my "master of disaster" gets to look forward to along with a cute project that we get to work on together may not be that expensive after all! I'm thinking its a good investment!

Also did I mention it has Kiwi in the name! Only my most favoritist (yes thats a real word) animal ever! I'll have to let you know when we get the first box!