Monday, August 20, 2012

Dino's or Cancer

For those  that know me well know that I LOVE Dino's! Personally if I had my way dinosaurs would be walking around today...but...I did not get my way on this one LOL!!

I wanted to do a breast cancer onesie for my lil girl for cancer walks etc... I wanted something completely original ...and of course with a dinosaur on it! I'm sure if you asked anyone what would you rather have -no more cancer in the world and Dino's walking around -or- no Dino's but cancer...
I'm sure they would pick dinosaurs...Right!?!?! :-)
This is what I came up with Bring back Dino's...put the extinct on Cancer!
I do have them listed on my Etsy Shop :-) let me know what you think about them :-)