Monday, July 2, 2012


Found a very adorable site I'd like to share with all the mum's n dad's :D

Basically for 19.95 a month they send your child a charming green box each month filled with fun theme inspired projects directed at children 3-7 years old! They even have a sibling package for a little more. At first...since I'm a mom on a budget I thought ugh 20 bucks a month.... NO WAY...

However after giving it a little thought 20 bucks a month for a package to come in the mail that my "master of disaster" gets to look forward to along with a cute project that we get to work on together may not be that expensive after all! I'm thinking its a good investment!

Also did I mention it has Kiwi in the name! Only my most favoritist (yes thats a real word) animal ever! I'll have to let you know when we get the first box!

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