Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Petal Dress Tutorial!! woop woop

Its been a busy busy month...however my busy bee wings are broken and I feel like sitting in my Jammie's and blogging a bit...first up a wonderful tutorial!!! I wish I could give credit for this however I have no idea who I first learned this from Basically its a skirt tutu turned into a dress!!
The Petal Dress
Sunflower Petal tutu dress tutorial

My lil mistress of mayhem is turning one in a month and I wanted to take special picture to put in her birthday invites.
So I made this so easy absolutely adorable dress!!!! I think the whole dress took maybe half an hour to make!!! The Dress is made out of Tulle (which is very cheap about 1.50 a yard) and is basically a tutu dress!!! I had fun making the dress and even more fun taking the pictures of her! She kept walking towards the camera however I think it showed her...well being her! I love my lil Petal :-)

Sunflower Petal Dress tutu Tutorial page 1

Sunflower Petal Dress Tutu Tutorial page 2

I'm working on the invites now ans I plan to write in them ...Please join us as our little Petal Turns into a Flower!! If you need any help please let me know also let me know if you make one as well I would LOVE to see pictures!!!!!
Happy Crafting!!!
More pictures from that day :-)

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  1. This is adorable! Did you have her wear anything underneath? When I put my 11-month-old in hers, she's pulling at it because I think it might be uncomfortable. Did you have this problem and she just got used to it or did you find something that would go under the dress? Thanks!